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  • BRTTZE232

  • Brother 12mm (1/2") Red on White Laminated Tape (8m/26.2') (1/Pkg) For use in TZ P-Touch: All TZ Machines. Brother has a full assortment of TZ tapes in various widths and sizes. Laminated colored label tape is water resistant, and stands up to grease, grime and the elements so you can have perfect colored printable labels for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Country: JP
Paper Color Red on White
Paper Size 1/2" x 26.2 Feet
Product Type Detail P-Touch Tape
Equipment Models Brother PT-1010, Brother PT-1280, Brother PT-1830, Brother PT-1880C, Brother PT-2100, Brother PT-2700, Brother PT-2710, Brother GL 100, Brother PT-200, Brother PT-1000, Brother PT-1100, Brother PT-1120, Brother PT-1130, Brother PT-1160, Brother PT-1170S, Brother PT-1180, Brother PT-1190, Brother PT-1200, Brother ST-1150, Brother ST-1150DX, Brother PT-300, Brother PT-310, Brother PT-320, Brother PT-1300, Brother PT-1700, Brother PT-1750, Brother PT-1800, Brother PT-1810, Brother PT-1900, Brother PT-1910, Brother PT-1950, Brother PT-1960, Brother ST-5, Brother PT-330, Brother PT-350, Brother PT-520, Brother PT-540, Brother PT-580C, Brother PT-1500PC, Brother PT-1600, Brother PT-1650, Brother PT-2200, Brother PT-2210, Brother PT-2300, Brother PT-2310, Brother PT-2400, Brother PT-2410, Brother PT-2500PC, Brother PT-2600, Brother PT-2610, Brother PT-530, Brother PT-550, Brother PT-3600, Brother PT-9200DX, Brother PT-9200PC, Brother PT-9400, Brother PT-9500PC, Brother PT-9800PCN, Brother PT-9800PCN, Brother PT-H300, Brother PT-P750W